fb-websitefishbio-teesIn 2008 I joined FISHBIO, an environmental consultant in the fisheries industry, in an effort to rebrand and reinvent their company culture, both internally and externally from a model of simple documentation to an organization that thinks and communicates creatively.

FISHBIO was looking to differentiate themselves from other fisheries consultants with a brand that would be easily recognized in the industry without being too predictable. The logo reflects these sensibilities while alsofb-truck supporting the idea of stream-lined efficiency, movement, strength, quality, and dynamism.

Along with the internal acceptance of the brand, the next step was to shift the organization from simple documentation to a group of scientists, field staff, and fabrication technicians interested in engaging, informing, and sometimes entertaining through the use of an interactive website, blog and social media tools, engaging presentations and fishbio-buildingother marketing materials. Ongoing training emphasizes the finer techniques of good photography and videography, reinforces the importance of company standards, and the pride in customer service and quality. These efforts have coincided with presentations on “Brand Awareness”, internal training for existing and new-hires on the importance of branding, that instills a sense of ownership in the company.